"News Updates November 26, 2023"


1. Bitcoin Open Interest Moves In “Danger Zone”, What Shall Investors Do?<\/p>\n

Bitcoin's open interest surges after a price drop below $37,500, suggesting increased volatility in the near future.<\/p>\n

Bitcoin is currently facing downward pressure, trading 1.17% lower at $37,300 levels, accompanied by a market cap of $729 billion. The potential for more Bitcoin liquidations increases as the BTC price falls below $37,500, leading to a notable surge in Open Interest (OI).<\/p>\n

Bitcoin Open Interest In Danger Zone<\/p>\n

Popular crypto trader CrediBULL crypto points out a significant rise in the Open Interest (OI) for Bitcoin derivatives. This indicates that many leveraged traders positioned themselves for this price drop instead of being cleared out of the market (washed out). This is less than ideal because it suggests that leveraged positions are still prevalent, leading to increased market risk.<\/p>\n


The analyst added that the mention of OI being back in the “danger zone” suggests that the market is in a precarious state with high leverage, signaling the potential for more volatility. He points out that this increased volatility doesn’t necessarily provide a clear direction for the market.<\/p>\n

The two possible scenarios mentioned are a “major short squeeze” (a rapid increase in price due to short sellers covering their positions) or a “continued flush back down” (a sustained decline in price).<\/p>\n


If there’s a short squeeze leading to a price rebound above a certain level (37.6k), it might be safe to enter a position. On the other hand, if there’s a long squeeze and the price continues to decrease, there could be an opportunity to buy at a lower price.<\/p>\n

Two Possible Scenarios for BTC<\/p>\n

Crypto analyst illustrates two possible scenarios on a standard chart, here’s the current analysis:<\/p>\n


Reclaiming Local Lows Scenario: If the market successfully rebounds and reclaims the recent local lows, consider taking short liquidations (liqs) targeting the range of 38k to 38.2k.<\/p>\n

Failing to Reclaim Local Lows Scenario: If the market fails to recover and does not reclaim the recent local lows, consider taking long liquidations (liqs) in the range of 36.6k to 36.9k.<\/p>\n