What is Scalping?

25 Sep, 2022 01:26 pm

What is scalping in crypto, and how does scalp trading work?Scalping focuses on making money off of slight price swings. Crypto scalpers use this method to reap quick gains from reselling ...

Crypto Trading Without Shah of Crypto

09 Jul, 2022 06:19 pm

Crypto Trading Without Shah of Crypto

Shah of Crypto Monthly Report

25 Mar, 2022 04:08 am

SHAH OF CRYPTO Monthly Report 1st March - 24th March Our Premium Subscriber's are getting maximum profit with our Spot and Scalping trades. 995% in Spot ...

Shah Wallet

23 Mar, 2022 08:46 am

Shah Wallet

23 Mar, 2022 08:45 am

Shah Wallet

23 Mar, 2022 08:45 am

Shah wallet

23 Mar, 2022 08:44 am

Shah Wallet Sketches

23 Mar, 2022 08:43 am

We hereby officially display some sketches of Shah Wallet for our truly subscribers. Shah Wallet is not only a Wallet but is a mini exchange to trade all important digital currencies. You ...

5 Ways Inexperienced Crypto Investors Can Weather Highly Volatile Markets:

09 Mar, 2022 06:04 am

5 Ways Inexperienced Crypto Investors Can Weather Highly Volatile Markets: The last few weeks have been a rollercoaster for crypto investors. Global economic woes combined with ...

Good News

09 Feb, 2022 07:22 am

Shah of crypto App is now available in various languages. you can select your native language from the Menu by clicking change Languages option.


16 Dec, 2021 09:57 pm

To be fortunate in day trading one needs to have plenty of time and endeavour to make a fresh start to make it turn out successful, a close thought to establish a plan before becoming an ...

What is Defi?

08 Dec, 2021 01:48 am

Decentralized finance an umbrella term for financial services on public blockchain, primarily Ethereum. In Defi there are no bans but there are pieces of code that act as a bank they are open to ...

Smart contracts

08 Dec, 2021 01:22 am

Smart contract protocols are developed by the programmers they consist of set of data .The code and the agreements contained in it are available throughout the expanded, extended blockchain ...

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

08 Dec, 2021 01:08 am

Dollar cost averaging is basically a technique to buy cryptocurrency with lower risk. Dollar cost Averaging consists of investing a fixed amount US dollar into BTC on regular time interval. For ...

What is Metaverse?

25 Nov, 2021 08:44 am

What is metaverse? Metaverse is a digital reality that combines aspects of social media, online gaming, virtual reality (VR), and cryptocurrencies to allow users to interact virtually. ...

All subscribers need to check technical analysis before investing

27 Oct, 2021 07:01 pm

We request all our subscribers to check technical analysis of every token or coin before you buy it by clicking the icon or picture of any given token or coin. When you will click at the picture ...

How to stake your cryptocurrency

27 Oct, 2021 09:41 am

What is staking ?Staking is the process of delegating or locking up crypto holdings to earn rewards. Some of the rewards you can earn from staking are earning additional tokens, ...

How to buy new coins before listing

27 Oct, 2021 09:04 am

How to BUY NEW COINS BEFORE LISTING If coin is not fresh which means the coin is already listed in some exchange .We should buy ...

Ichimoku Cloud

05 Oct, 2021 02:31 am

What Is the Ichimoku Cloud?The Ichimoku Cloud is a combination of technical indicators that shows the level of support and resistance, and overall power & trend direction in crypto ...

Why beginners fail in cryptocurrency trading

02 Oct, 2021 01:20 pm

Why Most Beginners Fail in cryptocurrency trading? Strategy First we have to understand trend of the market and then Do fundamental analysis before ...

How to trade on Pancakeswap

02 Oct, 2021 12:57 pm

What is pancakeswap? PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies and tokens without a centralized intermediary, keeping custody of your tokens all the ...

Fibonacci Retracement

26 Sep, 2021 06:11 pm

What is a Fibonacci Number? The sequence of numbers, starting with zero and one, is created by adding the previous two numbers. For example, the early part of the sequence is 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, ...

Types of Trading

25 Sep, 2021 11:57 am

Types of Crypto Trading There are three types of trading in cryptocurrency. Let's discuss one by one ...

Important Candles Patterns in Crypto

23 Sep, 2021 02:53 pm


Spot Trading is best

21 Sep, 2021 07:53 pm

Spot Trading is best trading in cryptocurrency market and it will never give you loss. Future Trading is gambling and even very expert people can lose their money in it so we don't recommend it ...

What is a Coin and a Token

21 Sep, 2021 04:59 pm

What is a token?Tokens refer to cryptocurrencies that don’t have a blockchain network of their own. Instead, these cryptocurrencies are built on another blockchain. Users can create ...

What is Blockchain

21 Sep, 2021 04:55 pm

What is blockchain? As the word itself show that blockchain is the blocks of transaction which are connected by the chain, more specifically it can be defined as a system of ...

How To Open Account with Pancakeswap

20 Sep, 2021 05:04 pm

1- How to create an account at pancakeswap? Open your Browser and type url On the top right corner click on button “Connect to wallet” ...

We realise the importance of your money

19 Sep, 2021 08:08 am

All our subscribers are kindly requested to have trust and faith in us because we are a different app from others. You must be firm on one thing that no one in this crypto market can double his ...

Support and Resistance

17 Sep, 2021 04:03 pm

Support and Resistance: Support may be a price index where a downtrend is often expected to pause due to a concentration of demand or buying interest. As the price of a coin drops, its ...

Stop loss

16 Sep, 2021 10:01 am

Never consider stop loss as a loss , its actually a part of trading , although we have tight stop loss consider it a blessing otherwise according to our research many gurus use stop loss ...

How to earn 100% profit in daily Scalping

16 Sep, 2021 07:56 am

What is scalping and how to earn 100% profit daily Scalping is a simple day to day trading ,these are short term trades where your goal is to book as much profit as you can ...

How to never make a loss in spot Trading

16 Sep, 2021 07:51 am

How to never make a loss in spot Trading? In the past few days there was a Massive dip in which BTC fell Drastically from $ 52,000 to $42000 .One of the ...

Golden Cross

16 Sep, 2021 05:21 am

Everyone in the crypto market is speaking about the Bitcoin price making a Golden cross which initiate Bull market according to the conventional knowledge. Golden cross always occurs ...

Moving Averages

15 Sep, 2021 12:43 pm

The moving average is a technical indicator that shows an average price on the basis of specific numbers of recent candles. The moving average is calculated by adding a ...

Stop loss

15 Sep, 2021 08:39 am

Stop loss is an order placed by a trader while picking up a trade to minimize his loss. It cuts the trade automatically when the trade price reaches at the predetermined price level. For ...

What is Trend and trendways.

12 Sep, 2021 08:10 am

Trend is a direction of crypto market which tells us where the market is moving. A trend could be downside, upside and sideway. If green candles are going upside it mean the Trend is upward and if ...

Top 10 Tips for Crypto Trading

11 Sep, 2021 05:31 am

Always use the below mentioned tips while you trade cryptocurrency; 1- Save your wallet key or password at atleast 3 places or the best way is to record it over your mind. You will ...

Buy any cryptocurrency in parts

05 Sep, 2021 05:40 am

We request all our members and investors to buy every coin in parts. It will reduce the risk of your loss and in this way you could be able of taking advantage of market downturns. Your strategy ...

Crypto currency Termonology

04 Sep, 2021 08:43 pm

OUR CRYPTOCURRENCY TERMS DICTIONARY: USEFUL TERMS-: #ALTS: All coins other than BTC. #ATH: All time high. #ATL: All time low. #BAG: Indicating that you ...