"News Updates November 24, 2023"


1. Wallet of Satoshi vanishes from Apple and Google’s US app stores<\/p>\n

Apple is facing the wrath of crypto users yet again as a popular Bitcoin Lightning wallet disappeared from its U.S.-facing App Store.<\/p>\n

Bitcoin Lightning payments app Wallet of Satoshi (WoS) has disappeared from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store in the United States as it closes in on over 1 million transactions for November.<\/p>\n


On Nov. 24, several users and crypto community participants shared on X (Twitter) their attempts to search for the WoS app, which turned up no results or redirected users to competing wallet apps.<\/p>\n

However, the WoS app still appeared for download on the Australian Apple App Store and the Australian and Singapore Google Play Store versions at the time of writing.<\/p>\n

Wallet of Satoshi is a popular Lightning payments platform that is on pace to process over 1.1 million Lightning payments in November, according to industry author and podcaster Kevin Rooke.<\/p>\n

However, Wallet of Satoshi cleared the confusion on an X (formerly Twitter) post after stating that it was not banned from the app stores. “We’ve made the difficult decision to remove our app from the U.S. Apple and Google app stores, and will not serve U.S. customers going forward,” it read.<\/p>\n

The post did not clarify the reasons for the abrupt withdrawal of services in the U.S., although it hinted at a possible resumption depending on “future developments.” Existing users in the USA retain full access to their BTC funds and have the ability to transfer their tokens to other wallets.<\/p>\n


Apple did not immediately respond to a request for more details.<\/p>"