Top 10 Tips for Crypto Trading

Always use the below mentioned tips while you trade cryptocurrency;

1-  Save your wallet key or password at atleast 3 places or the best way is to record it over your mind. You will lose your money forever if you will forget your password or key.

2- Do not invest that money which can make you poor if you lose it. Always use the money in cryptocurrency trading which you can afford to loose.

3- Always buy the dip or at the entry level we recommend in our signals.

4- Never buy a coin which is already pumped or Never take a trade during any coin's pump.

5-  Always Buy when candle is red and sell when candle is green.

6- Always use stop loss if you cannot hold for long. No one lose his trade unless he sells.

7- Do not buy any coin with your total money. Always buy in parts. Your buying must be 30% at first, 40% at second and 30% at third level.This is called money management. 

8- Always do your own research and don't buy any coin blindly. Open your account with CoinGecko and use its Portfolio section for preliminary research of a coin.

9- Control your greed and always book profit when you are in profit. 

10- Do not invest all your money in one coin. Always invest in more than 1 coin partly.