How to earn 100% profit in daily Scalping

What is scalping and how to earn 100% profit daily 

Scalping is a simple day to day trading ,these are short term trades where your  goal is to book as much profit as you can daily. Scalping is popular in cryptocurrency trading because the market is volatile and moves quickly

Why is scalping a great way to increase your portfolio?

If you are an individual with small portfolio then with scalping you can earn 1-100 daily profit on your initial investment .A great way to earn income daily  and increase your  initial investment

Scalping is relatively risk free 

Majority scalpers put a tight stop loss near there entry so in case the market dips they will have there investment secured this reduces the time of holding and thus can invest in a new setup immediately 

What is the easiest way to scalp and earn great gains

Now comes a bit tricky zone :Scalping can only be done by determining the SUPPORT and Resistance of a coin The major rule to understand here is that you have to buy a little above SUPPORT  and sell a little below resistance